Tamiah Bantum


Actor | Director | Motion Capture

Originally from Australia, now based in LA, Tamiah Bantum is a professional actor, director and filmmaker, best known for her roles in The Out-Fit, Feedback and The March VR Experience. As an actor, she works primarily in film and motion capture, with skills in hand-to-hand combat, tactical weapons and swords.Tamiah trained at the State University of New York and Curtin University in Australia, graduating with two BFA's in acting & film. Since then, she has trained with Chum Ehelepola of Sydney Actors Collective LA, TJ Storm, Brandin Elmore & Terence Rotolo of Mind's Eye Tribe Action Actors' Academy and Richard Dorton of The Mocap Vaults.When she's not in front of the camera, Tamiah is directing and DPing films, music videos and commercials with her team at YoungOneStudio. In 2019, she was recognized for her work on the short films WAR and Connected with two awards at The LA Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge.


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